Watch football online with Acestream

Surely you have heard of Acestream a lot if you are a fan of the sport of kings. So, what is Acestream? How to watch football by this method like? Join us to find out about these issues. Watch the link now watch football: link acestream xem bong da

What is Acestream?

Acestream also has another name is Torrnet Stream. This is a software that uses multimedia technology to help football viewers to watch matches with high quality at no cost.

Therefore, it is possible to call Acestream a free software to help users can follow live football matches around the world. Currently this is a very popular software used by many people so as not to miss attractive football matches.

Components of Acestream include:

TS Engine: is the main component of Acestream. The task of this component is to perform all the functions related to sharing images, via the P2P protocol.

TS P2P multimedia plug-in - browser plug-in (this is based on the VLC Plug-in): this component enables users to use almost all of Acestream's functions right in the browser. with the highest quality.

TS Player: This is a video player of multimedia works based on the Torrent method so that people can watch live video without downloading.

Mangic Player: The task of this component is to support Firefox, chrome can use Acestream software with the best quality right on the browser itself.

Instructions on how to watch football on Acestream

To be able to use the Acestream software to watch live football, after installing the software on your device, you must check on the browser whether an icon of this software appears. Users can watch online football on Acestream in 2 ways:

Use with the Ace Stream Web Extension utility

When using the Ace Stream Web Extension utility, users will have to follow these steps:

Step 1: after you have successfully downloaded and installed Acestream on your device, users need to perform a software performance check. Try to visit any website to get the Torrent Stream link of upcoming football matches.

If you pay close attention, you will find that in the links provided to users will often have football sopcast links and Torrent Stream. However, when using Ace Stream to watch football, just use the Torrent Stream link.

There are usually several types of Torrent Stream links that users can choose from, such as:

Low quality: Black link (<500kps).< p>

Good quality: Blue link (500Kps - 800Kps).

High quality: Green link (> 800Kps).

Step 2: Once the user has chosen the path for the Acestream link, a dialog box will appear asking if the user wants to open the link with Ace Player or not? Please select and click Open Ace Palyer.

Step 3: Then the user will see an Ace Player HD (VLC) interface, you will need to complete the information that the application requires to be able to watch football. The information that users need to fill in is: age, gender. After filling out just click OK to be able to watch football.

Step 4: Once the software has started to load the program, do not change the size of the window so that we can see it more clearly and do not worry about losing applications in the middle.

Note: When watching the ball on the application, users need to limit the movement of the software window, as well as minimize or maximize to avoid having to load the program again. Watch live football: link tructiepbongda

Watch football manually, above Ace Player HD

To be able to watch football in this way, users will have to do the following:

Step 1: Please start the Ace Player HD software on your device, then click on Media and select Open AceStream Content ID ...

Step 2: In the Tab Acestream, enter the sequence of IDs that you have received in the online link at the bottom of the screen, then see the link ID appears. The link ID will be the whole sequence of characters after acestream: // ... You just need to paste the ID into the Please enter a content id box and continue clicking Play to start the program.

Want to follow the match with the best quality, you should try to wait a bit for the software to load the program. After the program has finished loading, you can watch football.

Above is all the useful information to help readers understand what Acestream is and guide you how to follow football online with this software. If you are a fan of king sports then you should not ignore this article. Wish you will keep track of the exciting matches.